"Mental Health & Well being clinic Blackburn"


“I suffered from anxiety as a child and have had lots of therapy via my GP. I have had a poor and negative relationship with my mother since I was a child. Now 34 years of age after a matrix session I was able to change the memory of how I saw my mother as we never bonded because I blamed her for my abuse, and she struggled to attach with me. After the matrix session when I realised my mother had also been abused and suffered also, I was able to forgive her and now I do not blame her for what she wasn’t able to give me as a child . “I have so much more clarity, I felt the trauma was dealt with in a way it never has been before” 'I would definately use this service again and recommend it. NS

East Lancashire, England

Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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