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Mindfulness means being present in the moment.

A lot of the time we have a lot of chatter going on in our heads and we find ourselves ruminating about the past or rushing into the future.

Rather than worry about what has happened or what might happen, when we are present, we deal with whatever is happening now.

Learning how to become mindful shows us how to use our mind effectively instead of listening to those voices in our head We start to see things how they are, rather than what your mind tells you how things are.

When we are mindful, we observe our thoughts, emotions and sensations without judging them.

Mindfulness can help with reducing stress, worry, negativity and create more focus and attention to tasks and help you become more productive. It has benefits to physical and mental wellbeing.

Mindfulness can be used to regulate more self-compassion as a way of checking in with yourself on a regular basis and tuning into how you are and a way of showing kindness and consideration to yourself.

This does take some practice, but as you practice more and more, you can learn how to be more balanced and more in a state of consciousness.

Tasneem uses mindfulness interventions mainly after Therapy  as a form of self care to help individuals learn how to be more present and notice what is going on within their mind and body to maintain long term well-being.

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