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WHAT IS EFT?  Used for the treatment of Depression & Anxiety

EFT known as Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of energy psychology based on psychological accupressure.

Each time a negative memory is triggered, your brain also brings with it a negative emotion such as fear, anger or hurt. The memories send an alert message to your brain which create a negative emotion caused by a blockage or an imbalanc e to the bodys energy system. This disruption causes emotional and physical symptoms affecting your mind and body.


EFT/ works by stimulating energy points on the surface of the skin viaa tapping and psychological technique This evokes an anxious thought, a memory, or experiences that is brought to mind and sends signals to the brain that turn off the anxious response and rapidly alters the brains chemistry to bring releif to individuals.


  • 1. Fears
  • 2. Anger/ Resentment
  • 3. Grief
  • 4. Unresolved pain/ illness
  • 5. Anxiety/Panic/PTSD
  • 6. Allergies
  • 7. Traumatic memories
  • 8. Work performance
  • 9. Stress / Pressure
  • 10. Confidence/ self esteem
  • 11. Negative thoughts
  • 12. Relationships difficulties
  • 13. Phobias and more….
  • RESULTS seen in as little as 3 sessions. Very fast and effective.
  • Excellent testimonials from long term sufferers. The service is highly recommended.
  • 'Panic attacks resolved after 3 sessions completely'
  • ' I have had many anxiety treatments via GP for years. This cleared my anxiety, fear and stress levels in 2 sessions. Highly recommend this.'
  • 'Anger of many years resolved and no more, anxiety , pain or allergies'
  • 'Tension headaches gone'
  • 'Social anxiety cured in 3 sessions. I now go out and enjoy life. ' I previously had no idea this service'. Highly recommend this.
  • 'Thought I would never be free of the trauma and pain of being abused and suffered PTSD for many years. This cleared after 3 sessions. Thank you so much'


EFT is a form of Energy Psychology. It was first developed by Dr.Roger Callahan a trained psychologist who worked with a client called Mary with a water phobia.

He had been treating Mary for a year using all the psychotherapy techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, relaxation therapy, rational-emotive therapy, systemic desensitization, biofeedback and more. They were techniques accepted by psychologists and psychiatrists at large.

Through his curiosity about the functioning of the mind and body, he started studying the body’s meridians which derived from Ancient, Chinese medical systems of acupuncture which are defined as energy channels that carry life force to the meridians associated with different organs. The meridians run up and down either side of the body, each associated with an organ, stomach, gallbladder, and kidney and so on.

In the therapy session, Mary disclosed she had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach when she thought of water. Dr Callahan got her to tap on the stomach meridian and discovered the fear and nightmares about water had completely gone.

Dr Callaghan then went on to develop a set of algorithms or sequences of tapping on these end points of meridians.

One of Dr Callahan’s students, Gary Craig then simplified it and went on to create short a single sequence and named it EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques’.

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