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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is used for the treatment of Depression & Anxiety.

 This has derived from EFT, based on the work of Karl Dawson.

It is also more than Inner child work offered in Social work theraputic interventions.

It is based on Energy Psychology and is a meridian tapping therapy that is effective for treating emotional and physical pain, past traumas. It can also be used for manifesting your goals.

We all have thousands of thoughts and beliefs held in our subconscious mind. Many will be supportive, but we will have formed beliefs from past events in our lives that can create a whole host of difficulties and form the way we think, feel and behave.

Matrix ReImprinting uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian System that has been used in Chinese Acupressure for thousands of years. It is a technique that connects individuals with past traumas, stressful episodes and core beliefs, without any emotional disruption. The idea of Matrix work is to resource individuals via an internal dialogue with your younger self to become supportive platforms for oneself and transform their future health, wellbeing, outcomes and point of attraction.

Following Matrix Re Imprinting, Individuals can experience:

  • ~ Feeling emotionally balanced
  • ~ Think more clearer
  • ~ Make better dessions
  • ~ Identify and resolve blocks that are keeping them stuck and unwell
  • ~ Perform greater physically and emotionally
  • ~ Reduce stress, fear, pain and anxiety
  • - Have compassion for themselves
  • -- Transform their memories.
  • Customer testimonials share:
  • 'It was gentle and helped me clear out and deal with past abuse 
  • I suffered as a child'. I have the memories, but they no longer
  • run my life ' highly recommend this. I had 4 sessions but felt 
  • results after first session'

' I had severe PMS (pre menstral stress )with acute episodes of 
Anger, rage, fear for years and had no idea it
Was linked to past abuse aged 5. When these traumatic
memories were cleared
My anger  and rage went and I am now calm, relaxed and enjoying life. I was so
Skeptical and have tried medication and counselling years ago'
Whole heartedly recommend this. Results are amazing.'

Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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