"Mental Health & Well being clinic Blackburn"

Mental Health & Wellbeing clinic, Blackburn/Online Treatment for Anxiety, Depression & Trauma.

  1. STUCK feeling Anxious, with low moods, Dread, negative thoughts & behaviours?

Other approaches have NOT yet worked, leaving you feeling helpless and like this will never END...

This Practice offers an alternative choice of in depth therapy which aims to get to the root cause of your issues. The techniques used aim to remove  disturbances around negative patterns of thoughts, feelings beliefs & behaviour s that have gone unchecked and unprocessed,  causing disruption in the nervous system.

U Got This is Mental Health service is based on a unique Mental health model that applies creative techniques which include Therapeutic practice from Social Work, combined with Psychotherapy, psychopathology, Psychological Kinesiology, and Energy Psychology.  It is very effective in the treatment for ongoing, unresolved Depression, Anxiety & Trauma related issues.

Most clients would have tried talk therapies such as counselling/ CBT before accessing this service. 

Therapy is short term and Results seen  in 3-4 sessions with excellent  5* Star Rated reviews on Google/Facebook from long term suffers who go on to recover after suffering long term Mental health issues.

Referrals are also accepted by psychologists, psychiatrist, GP's,  counsellors, social workers, CBT therapist or any other professionals working with Mental Health clients who are in need of FURTHER therapy.

Please view clinic details on Instagram/ Facebook- U Got This Mental Health. 

The clinic works with:

- Anger resolution               - Relationships            - Addictions

- Abuse                                 - Behavioural issues   - Adoption

- Domestic abuse               - Childhood trauma    - Self esteem work

- Confidence building         - Chronic stress          - Attachement work

- Bullying                              - ACE                             - Bereavement

- Phobias                             - Trauma                       - Inner child work.

- PTSD                                  - Separation anxiety    - Personality disorders

- Eating disorders               - Panic attacks             - Fear

- OCD                                    - Poor self image        - Postnatal depression

-Performance  Anxiety      - Agrophobia

Contact us  to arrange a free telephone consultation Monday - Friday.

HCPC registered. Now SW England, Enhanced DBS.

Tasneem Dahegamia

Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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