"Mental Health & Well being clinic Blackburn"

Mental Health & Wellbeing clinic, Blackburn. Treatment for Anxiety & Depression

STUCK wearing a mask of long term unresolved Anxiety, Depression, Negative thoughts & Behaviours?

Learn to collaborate better with your mind, so it WORKS for you.

U Got This is Mental Health service is based on Therapuetic practice in Social Care, combined with Psychotherapy and Energy Psychology which explores triggers, patterns and underlying root causes of Depression & Anxiety related issues. It is very effective in the treatment for Depression & Anxiety.

It offers an alternative choice for individuals that may have tried other treatments and looking for more in-depth therapy. U Got This works to re program the subconscious mind from earlier negative patterns formed to bring the mind back into balance.

Results seen in 3-4 sessions with excellent reveiws and testimonials.

‘Would you like to Re write the software in your mind so you can change the printout of your life’

The clinic works with:

- Anger resolution               - Relationships            - Addictions

- Abuse                                 - Behavioural issues   - Adoption

- Domestic abuse               - Childhood trauma    - Self esteem work

- Confidence building         - Chronic stress          - Attachement work

- Bullying                              - ACE                             - Bereavement

- Phobias                             - Trauma                       - Inner child work.

- PTSD                                  - Separation anxiety    - Personality disorders

- Eating disorders               - Panic attacks             - Fear

- OCD                                    - Postnatal depression

Work with Adults and Adolescents. 

HCPC registered. Enhanced DBS.

Working with organisations & HR departments to help  resolve chronic stress related issues.

Tasneem Dahegamia



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