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“I use to get severe palpations and tight chest when going to court (following my messy divorce) to pick up my letters regarding proceedings involving my children. I would get agitated, feel sick and fearful and have such anger and rage. . After one session I overcame this fear. I go to court, am able to open letters and have no physical symptoms. I am now calm and can deal with this.” I also tried other therapies via my GP for many years for PTSD following violent and psychological domestic abuse and now feel free and in control of my life. Tasneem’s background of working with abuse, parenting programmes and trauma was very useful. Her approach has definitely me helped me break down fear, and move forward with my life. “I would definitely recommend this service to anyone, especially if you have tried so many things and still feel fearful and panicky, even if you are really sceptical!” MB

Blackburn, England

Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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