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“I suffered from allergies since the age of four years and have severe PMT which resulted me having anger outbursts just before my menstrual cycle. After the first session I realised my anger and rage was nothing to do with my PMT but it was all because of my childhood memory when my allergies started. I have tried counselling which never delved below the surface. I have had two sessions and feel much better. I was able to explore the root of the issue and am much more aware of my behaviour patterns. The sessions helped me with: -Having more clarity -Reducing/ resolving trauma -Resolve blocks that kept me stuck -feel lighter -Having hope -Reduce fear -Reduce anxiety -Reduce panic -Reduce the stress response Service was very professional. Confidentiality and empathy was offered by Tasneem. It is definitely good value for money It was a relaxed atmosphere and would absolutely recommend the service. S A

Yorkshire, England

Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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