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I came for the treatment of PTSD and Anxiety following childhood abuse. The abuser was known to my family, so I could not speak to anyone about this and suffered in silence for years. I choose to remain ononymous but want to add this testimonial as i have tried therapies previously and wanted to reach out to others who may have suffered abuse and may have lost hope. I had sleep deprivation, struggle to focus, had severe Anger outburts, was snappy, had low moods, really low confidence and self esteem and hated looking in the mirror and felt really let down as no one noticed what had happened or tried to protect me and I was only a child when it happened freqently. after seeing Taz my symtoms have gone after 3 sessions, although i took 4 just to make sure the freedom i felt was real. I highly recommend this service. If you hae been abused and do not understand why you feel so crap, go and see Taz and get cleaned out. It's not your fault and You deserve to be free.

United Kingdom

Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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