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I had bad PTSD which led to Anxiety and severe depression where i would not go out much and only drove when i had to. This started after a car accident where i thought I was going to die. I had physical injuries and struggled to pick my young children up through the fear of being in pain. I was very atheletic and gave my boxing, gym and football as I felt useless and helpless. My solicitor put me in touch with Taz following a pychologist recommnedation for long term therapy of EMDR. The therapy was much shorter than anticipated and i now have got a job, gone back to physical activities, driving alot more confidently, my sleep has improved, no more fashbacks and greater quality of life with my family as she cleared the fear around the trauma i suffered. Taz is tthe best for what she does. She makes you do all this homework which got me sleeping better to. Adile Darwen

United Kingdom

Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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