"Mental Health & Well being clinic Blackburn"


I would pay 10 times more for this service, and 1 billion per cent recommend this! I have suffered depression for many years and did not receive the right help for me via the NHS route. I was also diagnosed with Complex PTSD recently by a psychiatrist. This was my last resort of trying. Right from the first session, I dealt with my sisters suicide of 30 years ago which I blamed myself for and Taz completely helped me transform the way I looked at that memory and I no longer blame myself and was able to release this trauma and feel so much more free.. Although I felt like nothing would help me, this therapy has changed my life and saved me in 3 sessions. I didn't even have to work with all my traumas. It helped me with: Resolving traumas, eradicating negative thoughts, , reduce my panic, anxiety. I now have more clarity, want to enjoy life, I have hope, feel so much more positive and my confidence and self esteem has massively increased and I am now doing things I couldn't do for years. David age 59, Preston


Time to let go and move forward. 5* Star Rated Mental Health Service


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