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Posted on March 22, 2018 at 8:00 PM

SELF COMPASSION - Ever tried being your own best friend.

Why do so many of us dislike ourselves?

Beat ourselves up for the way we look, what we didn’t achieve, for our mistakes, setbacks, making the wrong choices in life,  for not being in control, good enough and the list goes on……….


Why is it so easy to be kind to others than ourselves? Put others before ourselves.

Then wonder why you’re so run down, feel tired, fatigued, and burnt out.

In the work I do I always ask my clients if they accept their selves and a lot of them cringe, nod their head sideways indicating NO.

They feel because life hasn’t work out the way they hoped it had, that they are somehow now unlovable, hard done by, not capable of changing their lives or circumstances.

They share how unworthy they are or not deserving because of all the things they should have done, could have done and the list goes on.

They tend to live in the past, hold on to past events and can’t seem to push past them and become stuck.

They give up on themselves then wonder why others do to.

I ask my clients, If you cannot be compassionate to yourself then who will?

If you don’t look after yourself, how do you think you will show up?

If you don’t take the time to clear out all the rubbish chatter in your head, where do you think it will lead you?

If you don’t see to yourself first, then how good are you going to be to others?

If you don’t say YES to yourself then how do you expect others to?

I ask anyone reading this blog to take a moment and consider these questions and answer them for you.

The way we think and feel about ourselves carry’s a vast amount of energy in every thought, feeling and action, so be careful what you think, because it becomes your reality.

If you have been running the same patterns of thought, feelings and behaviour’s, and continue to feel rubbish inside, you’re not going to change anything. You need to decide what want things you want to change, how you want to feel different, better, worthy, and deserving of all the good stuff.

Start changing the way you respond to you and see what starts happening. 

What is it you need?  What steps do you need to take inorder to get this from others? From yourself?

Start clearing out the voice in your head and ask it how true the inner critique is…………?

Start approving of yourself and see what happens

Start seeing to yourself first then see how well you are able to resource others.

Start believing in yourself and say ‘YES TO YOU’

Remember U GOT THIS!

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